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March 19, 2015
Greenprints Alliance, working in conjunction with Woodstock Parks and Recreation, has successfully advocated for the allocation of $20,500 from the City of Woodstock for development of new trail construction on the Avalanche Trail at Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock. Avalanche is the original 6-mile loop in the Taylor Randahl Memorial Mountain Bike Trail system, constructed in 2010.

The Woodstock City Council continued to show their total support for trails in Woodstock by voting unanimously, 4-0, to approve the funding. “The new trail segments on Avalanche will improve the trail user’s experience, eliminate trail erosion problems, and increase safety,” said Greenprints Alliance Executive Director, Gary Moore.

Project highlights include relocating the entrance further inside the park and away from the busy parking entrance. The new entrance trails will allow for separate entrance and exit segments, better traffic flow, and improved routing for racing events. The new entrance trails will also be located next to the new permanent facility restrooms, also funded by the City.

“SORBA Woodstock does a great job of raising the funds necessary to build and maintain great single track trails, but this is a situation where the City was able to step in and lend a hand at the right time and make a big difference,” added David Potts, Board Chairman for Greenprints Alliance.

Greenprints Alliance and SORBA Woodstock are working with Trail Dynamics to complete the new segments in May 2015. Completion of this project will coincide with the official opening of the new 5-mile trail at Rope Mill, located on the north side of Little River. The new trail features professionally designed and constructed single-track mountain bike trails at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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