Woodstock Loves Zagster!

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Have you made a new year’s resolution in 2019? Does your resolution include a version of getting
healthier, taking better care of yourself, finding a way to de-stress? If it does, Greenprints Alliance
would like to encourage you take a ride along the trail system and maybe beyond to explore our
fabulous city. And, if you don’t have a bicycle we have a few we’d like to share with you!

In April 2017 we launched and currently sponsor the bike-share program operated by Zagster. We
recently had an opportunity to review the data they’ve captured to see how the program has been
adopted by our residents. It is clear, Woodstock loves this bike program! Since its inception Woodstock
riders have collectively taken 5,642 trips, ridden 20,108 miles and has 2,487 members and our ridership
is growing over time. That 20,000 miles is almost an entire trip around the world! Now, that’s
impressive Woodstock, especially considering the program launched with just three stations and ten

But more impressive than the number of trips, or users is that 1,256,750 calories you’ve burned in that
time frame. You don’t have to look far to find studies that support the positive benefits of cycling on
your health. The benefits promote the low impact exercise and seem almost endless including
everything from weight loss, disease prevention, increased strength and flexibility, to better mental
health. We encourage you to consider discussing it with your own health care partners.
The other fascinating data that Zagster shared with us is that the current limitations of the trail system
haven’t stopped you from continuing your ride. Our users have taken the bikes all over Towne Lake and
Woodstock including some homes in the area, various points along highway 92, and a popular stop
seems to be Olde Rope Mill Park. So, as we look to expand the trail system with the City of Woodstock
we will be looking at those points along your exploratory routes.

We know we are a little biased, but if this encourages you to take a ride and listen to the leaves rustling
in the trees, the sound of rubber on the trail, feeling the wind on your face, you can find a bike at one of
the three stations adjacent to our current trail network. Stations are located at the trail head at
Woofstock Dog Park; the corner of Elm Street and Market Street adjacent to the Noonday Creek Trail;
and along Arnold Mill Road near the entrance to the Rubes Creek Trail.

Riders can join the program through the Zagster membership app. Currently, the first hour of the trip is
free, and then it costs $3 per hour after the free period expires up to $24/day. On weekends one
additional hour is free. Riders must be 18 years old. Greenprints is looking into additional stations with
sponsorship opportunities at it reviews the program with our current partners.

We hope to see you along the trail enjoying a few moments of freedom on two wheels!

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